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And I wonder if I ever cross your mind...

For me it happens all the time.


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Hello. I'm Nikki. 23. I also go by Cole, Shorty, Kinki, Tigger, and a thousand other nicknames. I'm Spanish but now live in the United States. I speak Spanish, English, Italian, French, and Portuguese. I'm usually random and I ramble but it's all in good fun.
INTERESTS Spain, New York City,
public relations, marketing, sports, baseball, soccer, photography, writing, psychology, cooking, books, movies, music, dancing, history, literature.
MUSIC Maroon 5, Lifehouse, The Fray,
Gavin DeGraw,Tyler Hilton, Akon, NeYo, Alejandro Sanz, Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal, Juanes, Enrique Iglesias, Camila, Evanescence, RKM y Ken Y, Wisin y Yandel, Nickelback, Usher, Leona Lewis, Katy Perry.
TV The Tudors, One Tree Hill, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Burn Notice, True Blood
New York Yankees
Cleveland Indians
Real Madrid

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ACTORS Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Eric Dane, Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill, Orlando Bloom, Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Gerard Butler, Austin Nichols, Robert Downey Jr., Alexander Skarsgard, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus
ACTRESSES Sophia Bush, Danneel Harris, Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams
CHARACTERS Logan, Wade Wilson, Remy LeBeau, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mark Sloan, Charles Brandon, Brooke Davis, Julian Baker, Rachel Gattina, Tony DiNozzo, Michael Westin, Ziva David, Alex Karev, Eric Northman, Connor
MacManus, Murphy MacManus
SHIPS Julian/Brooke (OTH), Michael/Fiona (BN), Mark/Callie (GA), Tony/Ziva (NCIS), Nathan/Haley (OTH), Lucas/Brooke (OTH), Jake/Peyton (OTH)
ATHLETES Iker Casillas, Derek Jeter, David Villa, Grady Sizemore, Cesc Fabregas, Alex Rodriguez, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Victor Martinez, Jorge Posada, Fernando Torres, Ryan Braun, Bobby Abreu, Fabio Cannavaro, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, Steven Gerrard
TEAMS New York Yankees, Spain NT, Real Madrid, Cleveland Indians, Liverpool, Florida Marlins
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“I want a man at least six feet tall, His shoulders broad and strong, thick as a wall. A man whose smile is full and appealing And someone that could hold me as high as our ceilings. A guy who has muscles from his head to his toes. And if you bring him, make sure he’s adorned with a bright red bow. Maybe a bow, hanging off of his shoulders or waist, Time’s a-wasting Santa so you better make haste. I’m not a patient person, not by any means, So when I say I want him for Christmas I hope he’s under the tree. Brown hair cut like a wolves coat in the wild But his soul must be kind and tender, enough to please a child. His eyes must be glittering, a gorgeous dark hue And his skin will be weathered and rough, you know…do you? I want someone handsome, maybe a fine and strapping beau, And tell him when you find him that a woman waits for him, Waiting to be kissed just beneath the mistletoe. Alas, I fear Santa, if my order is too tall and you fear it won’t work, I may resign myself on the naught list next year and label you a jerk. But…should you make this happen, this one Christmas wish for me, I promise to be good every year coming, as good as I can be.”
Written for me. By: My lovely amazing beautiful friend Kimmy.

~*~is a proud manwhorette~*~is Derek to Alex~*~is pervy to junior~*~
~*~is Dr. Oral to Dr. Hormones~*~is Connor to Murphy~*~is Iker to Cesc~*~